that darling DJ duo

That Darling DJ Duo is the high-energy tag-team, Emmett Davenport and Lady Attercop. One part frustrated Vaudevillians searching for a stage, and one part 80s era rockers with too much hairspray and not enough adult supervision, they spin an eclectic mix of everything from torch songs, swing, indie, electronic, punk, funk, 80s new wave, neo-vintage, and neo-folk to good old fashioned favorites. They will get your rump thumping and your blood pumping.

About Us


To entertain a dance floor or bring the music up to modern times, Lady Attercop and Emmett Davenport deliver DJ services by means of industry-standard turntables, CD decks as well as laptop facilities. With detailed pre-planning plus consultation it is thus possible to create a befitting mood, played live, or recorded, to suit many a special celebration, working attentively to a create a theme for any era, decade or a special vintage event.

They are firm believers in the adage: Never trust a DJ that doesn’t dance.

Able to play music on everything from turntables to laptops, and even the odd car stereo, they’ve hosted the massive steampunk dance party the Clockwork Ball, spun at Dragon*Con’s Mechanical Masquerade, and made people dance at art shows, burlesque shows, conventions, clubs, parties, festivals, weddings, and via their weekly podcast variety show The Clockwork Cabaret. We offer DJ services with turntables or other modern technologies, vintage music consultation, music programming, deejay hire plus PA hire with simple sound engineering. To discuss specific music wishes, technical needs, fees and costs please email



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